Website analytics are the reports and statistics that help you to check the overall performance and reach of your website. You can check the number of people your who visited your website, you can see which pages are viewed and for how long visitors stayed on pages.

To make your business website successful you have to take full advantage of it. It is important to have a complete understanding of your website like, website traffic sources, marketing initiative performance indicators, and what are the actions visitors take on your business website before they leave your website.

Pixiders Inc. provides you the best web analytics support for your business website. Our team of web analytics support make the process of analyzing your website by using combination of cutting edge tools. Our main focus is on providing google Analytics services, as these services are not only cost effective web analytics solutions, but these also enables advance web metric reports. We have experts who have command over web analytics with the experience of many years and have gained a number happy customer because of their excellent performance.

Why our services?

We provide best google analytics, social media and everything else into a single, personalized dashboard that makes your business website unique.

All services are web based and updated weekly. You have a complete access whenever you need use it.

We give monthly detailed reporting on how your website is working, what are the areas which need improvement, and what are your winning areas.

We answer the questions after
reviewing the report, if asked.

Contact us today for google web analytics services to get more number of traffic for your business website and to increase the effectiveness of your web page usability. Your business website deserves the best web analytics services to help you increase your productivity. Our web analytics services are based out of our office in Toronto, Canada. We serve Clients throughout Canada.